Western Medicine meets
Eastern Medicine
From Prehab to Rehab A blend of Ancient Techniques with Modern Technology Solutions for maximum performance

What is

Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is the collaboration of traditional veterinary medicine with holistic veterinary medicine. This integration allows more options for my patients. It can help support an animal post operation or it can help support an animal who doesn’t have a surgical option.

What is

Manual Manipulation?

Manual Manipulation is to animals what Chiropractic is to humans. Manual Manipulation uses gentle techniques and quick adjustments to allow joints all over the body to move like they should allowing the body to be fully utilized.

What is


Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) that uses needles at points all across the body to help heal and balance. The basis of this type of medicine is to balance the energies (Chi) of the body to aid in health and wellbeing.


Dogs off all types can benefit from alternative medicine. Just like in people, regular adjustments and preventative medicine can help our canine counterparts live better, more productive lives.


All classes of horses benefit from alternative medicine. This is a good complement to regular veterinary care and good husbandry at home.

Other Animals

Did you know that other animals also benefit from alternative medicine? Cats, goats, and other animals can also reap the benefits of these treatments.


Dr. Vaughn specializes in alternative medicine. If you feel that this treatment would be right for your beloved animal please contact her about making an appointment. Dr Vaugh does not see emergencies, if this is an emergency please contact your regular veterinarian for further care.

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