Relief for all classes of horses


Alternative Medicine can catch and prevent lameness before it alters performance.  This can keep your athlete in the arena and working with less down time.


Alternative Medicine can help your horse stay healthy and happy and will compliment routine veterinary care to achieve optimal health.


Injuries and accidents happen.  A blend of modalities can help your partner feel better and recover faster and more completely.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the collaboration of traditional veterinary medicine with holistic veterinary medicine. This integration allows more options for my patients. It can help support an animal post operation or it can help support an animal who doesn’t have a surgical option.

Rehab Therapy

Rehabilitation is the most variable of the treatments as this depends on the injury.  Rehab can be started as soon as the injury occurs and can continue until the animal is back to it’s normal self.

Manual Manipulation

Manual Manipulation is to animals what Chiropractic is to humans. Manual Manipulation uses gentle techniques and quick adjustments to allow joints all over the body to move like they should allowing the body to be fully utilized.

Adjustments normally take 15-30 minutes.  I recommend regular adjustments especially for sporting animals.  Initially, adjustments may need to be more frequent (normally every other week) to get the muscles trained and keep the adjustment.  Many of my patients are on a 4-8 week schedule to maintain alignment and maximum performance.


Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) that uses needles at points all across the body to help heal and balance. The basis of this type of medicine is to balance the energies (Chi) of the body to aid in health and wellbeing.

Acupuncture treatment times vary from 30 minutes to an hour depending on what is going on and what treatments are performed at the time of visit.  I recommend most issues have at least 3 treatments to get the best results. These treatments can be spaced 1-3 weeks apart. Many chronic cases have good results with monthly to quarterly tune ups.  Some issues respond quickly to treatment (within hours) and others may take days or even several treatments before results are noted.

Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy uses light energy to stimulate cells and circulation to aid in healing.  This improves the quality of healing and sometimes speeds the healing process up. Laser therapy has been shown to stimulate stem cells in some studies.  Wounds and soft tissue respond very well to laser therapy. Laser therapy can benefit acute and chronic injuries and improve comfort in patients. The laser can also be used to stimulate acupuncture points in those individuals who do not tolerate traditional needling.

Class IV laser therapy takes 5-20 minutes depending on the area/areas being treated.  Wounds will do best when treated 1-3 times per week. Soft tissue injuries will also benefit from more frequent treatment.  Arthritis treatment, I normally recommend weekly or biweekly treatments. I have also had luck alternating acupuncture with laser therapy or combining laser therapy with manual manipulation.


Dr. Vaughn specializes in alternative medicine. If you feel that this treatment would be right for your beloved animal please contact her about making an appointment. Dr Vaugh does not see emergencies, if this is an emergency please contact your regular veterinarian for further care.

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